Hold B, Run Faster


Born in Dallas, Texas, I've been raised in two separate houses of thought; one, emphasizing hard work and the pursuit of the American Dream, and the second grounded in spiritual discipline and the pursuit of the Kingdom of God. Although they may appear polar opposites, these two ideals have shaped me into who I am now, and without both I wouldn't be the same.

In this life, in this country, I am blessed with the opportunities I've been given to use my talents to create worlds, characters, and all manner of fiction. As my old creative writing professor told us, "writers write, and those that don't, are not."
Through discipline, and will power, I write like my life depends on it because in fact, it does.

I've also come to realize over the years that without an eternal perspective, one's work here on earth eventually fades to dust. However, if the famed Roman General Russell Crowe has taught me anything it is true that, "What we do in life echos in eternity." Every action we make here, carries on with our immortal souls. So, with that said, I aim to act accordingly; that my soul be strengthened by using and perfecting my talents during life.

So I shall write fiction, until someone tries to stop me... then I'll probably write a little more after that.